Classrooms, laboratories, residence halls, athletic complexes, cafeterias, and more. Educational facilities that inspire the next generation of learners, thinkers, and doers are key to communities. As the demand for educational facilities that better meet the needs of students and ensure their safety increases, Mowery serves as the go-to education construction company in Pennsylvania.

To learn more about our team’s educational facility construction capabilities, the latest industry trends, and some of our school projects, keep reading!


What is Educational Facility Construction?  

Educational facility construction includes designing and constructing school buildings and the complexes that surround them (i.e., athletic centers, admissions centers, etc.) for both K-12 and higher education institutions. Education construction can also include building structures that will be used for the purpose of learning, such as community libraries.

When designing education facilities, it is critical to collaborate with the administration, faculty, and even students to lay the foundation for a remarkable education construction experience as well as deliver a final build that will meet everyone’s wants and needs.


What Are the Current Education Construction Trends?

As technology advances, demands for specific careers fluctuate, and sustainability becomes a priority, the scope of education facility construction projects is changing. Today, some of the most noteworthy trends in this market include:

  • Tech classrooms are essential.
  • Sustainability is key.
  • Facilities that enhance the student experience are in demand.

As more majors in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) are sought after and hybrid learning methods become normalized, it is critical educational institutions provide tech-friendly classrooms. From flexible projectors, smartboards, smart tables, classroom cameras for video conferencing, laptop stations, and more, as technology advances, it will be critical to have these features in classrooms to enhance the learning experience. Additionally, many higher education institutions are demanding their STEM labs have specs related to the noise and vibration caused by equipment, as well as distinct spatial requirements. Therefore, it is critical for general contractors to collaborate with the project owner to identify the institution’s needs as well as ensure the new space will be considered “state of the art” for as long as possible.

To continue, many education facilities and campuses are large, so it is important to keep energy and maintenance costs low. As a result, LEED-certified buildings are in demand. Through green building methods, eco-friendly materials, energy-efficient features, and indoor air quality, institutions can rest assured their new facilities are sustainable, cost-efficient, and focused on student wellness.

Lastly, the demand for facilities that enhance the student experience have increased. As recruiting prospective students becomes more competitive, it is important educational facilities offer perks that will help attract new students. For example, student centers that offer gaming rooms, movie theaters, and more are in demand. Additionally, athletic facilities that offer state-of-the-art stadiums, concession stands, locker rooms, and more are key to attracting athletes. Therefore, project owners are increasingly looking for ways to provide an immersive experience that goes beyond the classroom.


What Are Mowery’s Capabilities in Education Construction?

Passion, commitment, and the pursuit for excellence are all lessons schools teach their students. At Mowery, we approach the construction of educational projects with the same mindset. Since the 1960s, our team has been completing classroom renovations, new school construction, and college expansions for some of the region’s most notable K-12 and higher education institutions. In fact, in 1977, there were 17 school projects occurring in Pennsylvania and Mowery was managing 14 of them. With over 60 years’ experience in the education market, we understand the complexities of this industry and how to deliver projects on time, within budget, and to high quality standards. See for yourself some of the most remarkable school construction projects our team has completed!

  • Bucknell University Recreation & Athletic Center – Our team built a state-of-the-art basketball arena, Olympic size pool, and lobby area for Bucknell University. This 180,900 SF project put Mowery’s creative problem-solving skills to the test by posing unique challenges.

  • Messiah College Larsen Student Union Building – Featuring a game room, art gallery, radio broadcasting center, a café, and lounge areas, Mowery constructed a space on Messiah College’s campus that brings students, staff, alumni, and guests together.

  • Susquehanna University Admissions House – The Mowery team built a uniquely designed, 15,500 SF admissions house on Susquehanna University’s campus, which makes a remarkable first impression for prospective students and parents.

  • Susquehanna University West Village – Mowery is proud to have built seven housing complexes, totaling 152,000 SF, on Susquehanna University’s campus. The single and double student housing rooms are clustered into suites with a commons area on the ground floor.

  • Wilson College Veterinary Education Center – Our team designed and built an 8,900 SF veterinary education center to provide veterinary medical technology students with features such as surgery rooms, recovery rooms, a dental room, and more, so they can gain hands-on experience.

  • Wilson College John Stewart Memorial Library – Mowery renovated and added an addition to Wilson College’s John Stewart Memorial Library, which provides students with the perfect space for studying and socializing.


We Are Here for Your Educational Facility Construction Needs

At Mowery, we have years of experience building educational facilities for several institutions across the mid-state. Our knowledge of educational facility construction has allowed us to not only provide our clients with a final build that exceeds their wants and needs, but also provide a remarkable construction experience.  To discover how the Mowery team can bring your next educational space to life, start a conversation with our team of knowledgeable design-build contractors today.


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